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At Amity Gentle Dental we take pride in our patient’s health, their smile and in the relationship we develop with them which is why we take the time to listen to your concerns and your questions before we diagnose and propose treatment. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Amity Gentle Dental.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Dr. Clark and his highly skilled and knowledgeable hygienist, Tammy, are participating in a periodontal treatment program.

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Mercury Free Dental Office – Why It Matters

Due to the amount of mercury fillings placed and removed by your normal dentist, the dental office can be a dangerous environment.

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Dentistry With a Difference

DENTISTRY WITH A DIFFERENCE—-Biocompatible, Compassionate, Reasonable

“I Care” Dentistry. At Amity Gentle Dental we believe you are unique and special.

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Dr. Chester V. Clark Jr.

Dr. Chester Clark has provided person-centered dental care in Amity, Arkansas since 1977. He earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and a Master of Public Health degree at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA. Since 1985 he has studied ways of making dental care a health-enhancing experience. His professional growth has led him to eliminate some of the procedures he was taught in school and add others that improve his patient’s health outcomes. He and his capable staff love to hear patients share how their energy levels, enjoyment of eating and smiling, and resistance to disease has improved.

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Approximately 25 years ago I was involved in an industrial accident. I was hit on the left upper jaw by a piece of lumber loosening three upper molars. The surgeon put braces on my teeth for six weeks and all was well or so I thought. Five years down the road I began to experience pain in those three teeth. So I go to a local dentist and he suggested root canals on those teeth. After that was done I was some better. But a few years down the road I began to experience pain above the area, causing ear aches, sinus infection, and mild sore throat, left shoulder pain, arm aches, chest pain and headaches. I had a daily feeling of no energy, and not feeling well. So my general physician has me do a complete physical, and says my cholesterol is a little high but other than that I’m fine. So I did some research and found that a root canal tooth can become infected because of the loss of an adequate blood supply. These dead teeth harbor many different kinds of infectious bacteria around the gums that support the tooth. These toxic germs make their way into your blood and travel and cause many different types of illnesses throughout the body. For example heart attacks, cancer, and many more. So I went back to my dentist and he examined my teeth and sees nothing wrong, but says I need to visit an ear nose and throat doctor. The ENT tells me to get a CAT scan and come see him. He only finds congestion in my sinuses, everything appears normal. Well more research and I discover Doctor Clark. I tell him my medical history and he recommends extracting all three root canals. He did an excellent job and I highly recommend his services. I start to feel better within a few days, better yet in a few months. First my chest and shoulder and left arm pain went away as well as my earaches, headaches, and sinus infections, sore throat all gone. My high energy level is back. I feel great. It has been sixteen months since the teeth were extracted and I continue to improve and can say this is the best thing I've ever done for myself. As for the three lost teeth I will have implants to restore that part of my bite.

PS As we age we kind of except feeling tired, weak, unwell, and not being as good as we once were, but in my case , well I’VE GOT MY LIFE BACK, thank you Dr. Clark!

Sincerely, Michael R

Dr. Clark's Recommended books to read that are available in the office.

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