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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Dr. Clark and his highly skilled and knowledgeable hygienist, Anca, are participating in a periodontal treatment program developed by Centers for Dental Medicine. This scientifically based program precisely assesses your gum status, determines the amount of damage that has occurred, … »

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Mercury Free Dental Office – Why It Matters

Due to the amount of mercury fillings placed and removed by your normal dentist, the dental office can be a dangerous environment. If special precautions are not taken you could be getting exposed to mercury vapor being circulated through the air ducts from the patient in the room next to you. This is not the case at Amity Gentle Dental where we have not placed a silver filling since 1984 and we practice SAFE MERCURY AMALGAM FILLING REMOVAL. Continue reading

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Dr. Chester V. Clark Jr.

Dr. Chester Clark has provided top quality dental care at the same location since 1977.  He earned his dental degree at Loma Linda University. Generally accruing more than twice the required number of continuing education hours from dental education courses and reading about scientific studies enables Dr. Clark to stay at the forefront of dentistry so that he can provide optimal care to his patients.  He regularly attends courses focusing on the most current treatment options and is a member of the ADA, IAOMT and other scientific organizations. Continue reading

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Dentistry With a Difference

DENTISTRY WITH A DIFFERENCE—-Biocompatible, Compassionate, Reasonable

“I Care” Dentistry. At Amity Gentle Dental we believe you are unique and special. You come to us with needs, desires and background experiences that no one else has had. We not only examine your oral condition very thoroughly but also want to understand your fears, anxieties and desires for health and attractiveness. Continue reading

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