Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016


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Why Become A Patient

At Amity Gentle Dental we take pride in our patient’s health, their smile and in the relationship we develop with them which is why we take the time to listen to your concerns and your questions before we diagnose and propose treatment. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Amity Gentle Dental:

  • Whole-Body Wellness We consider all the interactions and affects of the mouth on the body and treat and educate accordingly. More and more scientific evidence is being discovered that demonstrates how poor oral health, gum disease, and root canals have adverse affects on other parts of the body and whole body health.
  • Our Office Won’t Make You Sick. Even if you don’t have any amalgam (silver) fillings in your teeth, your dentist probably deals with them on a regular basis, which means that every time you sit down in a dental chair, you are inhaling dangerous mercury fumes. At Amity Gentle Dental, we adhere to a strict Patient Protocol that ensures you won’t inhale the mercury fumes that can cause serious illness.
  • Cutting Edge Technology. At Amity Gentle Dental we have cutting-edge technology to ensure safe, effective, pain-free dentist visits. We have digital Xray, a top-notch laser for gum treatment and a host of other high-end, top-quality tools to provide the best treatment possible. You won’t see outdated equipment or techniques… you will ALWAYS get the best of the best.
  • Experience and Credentials You Can Trust. Dr. Chester Clark’s training goes way beyond dental school and his master’s degree in public health. He is a member of several leading edge dental associations, normally achieves double the required hours of continuing education annually and continues to read books on the latest findings, techniques and best practices… all so that you can receive the best treatment for your teeth and your whole body heath.
  • You Can Check Us Out For Free! You read that right. It’s free to visit our office and take a tour. We know that holistic dental care is outside the norm for many people and we want to dispel the myths about natural dentistry. That’s why we always offer a FREE “office tour” to new patients. Come in, take a tour of our office, ask questions of our staff, and find out if Amity Gentle Dental is right for you.
Dr. Chester V. Clark Jr.

Dr. Chester Clark has provided top quality dental care at the same location since 1977.  He earned his dental degree at Loma Linda University. Generally accruing more than twice the required number of continuing education hours from dental education courses and reading about scientific studies enables Dr. Clark to stay at the forefront of dentistry so that he can provide optimal care to his patients.  He regularly attends courses focusing on the most current treatment options and is a member of the ADA, IAOMT and other scientific organizations. Continue reading

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