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Safe Mercury Filling Removal


When it comes to actually being exposed to mercury, the highest exposure is when the amalgam filling is placed. Right after the mercury and other metals are mixed, mercury vapors are released when the dentist places the fillings in your mouth. The heat generated when the filling is mixed increases the release of mercury vapors. So if your dentist did not help keep those vapors from entering your body, then you’ve just been exposed to some serious doses of mercury.

This is also another reason why the air in a dental office can be the worst air you can breathe. At all costs, do not enter a dental office where mercury fillings are placed.

The second highest incidence of exposure comes when mercury is being removed or extracted. The heat that is generated from the drill when a mercury filling is removed also increases the amount mercury removal. If the dentist does not take extra precautions to minimize the exposure to the mercury, then the dental patient may unnecessarily be in danger of mercury toxicity.


So how can you avoid mercury toxicity when you visit the dentist? How can you have your mercury fillings removed safely?

The first step is to visit a dentist who specializes in safe amalgam filling removal and who has been trained in special procedures for protecting the patient and the dental environment.

The second step is to only visit dentists who do not use amalgam fillings in their office. While many reputable dentists have completely eliminated their use of amalgam fillings, many other dentists have continued to place the mercury-based cavity plugs. To avoid inhaling “second-hand mercury vapor,” avoid dentists that use mercury.

Come to a Biological Dentist…

We go to the extreme to keep you safe. As a biological dentist, Dr. Chester Clark Jr. has studied and attended numerous training seminars on the subject and is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) an organization devoted to non-toxic dentistry. At Amity Gentle Dental we minimize your exposure to toxic mercury vapors by utilizing the latest and most technologically advanced mercury ionizers, isolation practices, and dental techniques, ensuring the safest possible removal of your mercury amalgam fillings.

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