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A Christian Dental Practice Compassionate Dental Care Since 1977

Upcoming English & Spanish Parent Webinars! HealthyStart Webinars

Hello everyone,
HealthyStart will be hosting TWO upcoming parent webinars to educate parents in your area about the HealthyStart System!  One of the upcoming webinars will be in English and the other will be in Spanish.
The English parent webinar date will be Wednesday, August 12th from 8:00pm CT - 9:00pm CT. Parents can register via: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YcA2h8P4Ty20zO187YGscg
The Spanish parent webinar date will be Thursday, August 27th from 5:30pm CT - 6:00pm CT. Parents can register via: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_6OUKjydXRsCBgX95YOwIdg
Two flyers are attached to this email. One is an English flyer and one is a Spanish version of that same flyer. Feel free to share these with your patients via email or post them on your social media! 
We also wanted to notify everyone that the recording of the Spanish webinar will be available on our website after August 27th. You will be able to find the Spanish Parent Webinar under the tab "webinars", and parents will be able to access it as long as they enter in their information and sign up to view it. This is also the same for the regular English parent webinar, which is also available right now at www.thehealthystart.com. Please feel free to send your patients to our website to view those, so that they do not have to wait for us to go live from now on! 
If you were interested in including a link to the parent webinar on your website or sharing it with your patients, the link is: https://www.thehealthystart.com/webinars
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Whole-Body Dentistry

The terminology used to describe alternative dental care has gone through many changes in recent decades. Mercury free dentistry is better described as mercury safe dentistry. Holistic dentistry, biological dentistry, and whole mouth dentistry is better described as Whole Body Dentistry. After all, the mouth is very well attached to the body! This approach to dental care focuses on the connection between the health of your smile and the health of your entire body.

The state of your teeth and gums can have a significant impact on your overall health. In fact, gum disease can lead to systemic conditions, such as heart disease, strokes and low birth weight in infants. Dr. Clark is trained in standard dental care, but he does not perform treatments simply because they are traditional. By minimizing your exposure to hazards such as mercury and radiation, he can also minimize the risk of developing other serious health conditions.

Meet the Doctor

Biological dentist Chester V. Clark, Jr. in Amity, AR, has practiced dentistry since 1977. Deeply involved in the community, he served as mayor for 16 years, and City of Amity Alderman for 18 years. 

He has been a proponent of biological dentistry for several decades. Since discontinuing placement of amalgam fillings in 1985, he has been following protocols for removing mercury with the utmost safety

Dr. Clark's patient come from all over the United States as well as throughout Arkansas.

Dr. Chester V. Clark, Jr.
Dr. Chester V. Clark, Jr.

The Impact of Mercury Fillings

As part of his research with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Roger Eichman investigated the short- and long-term effects of exposure to mercury in amalgam fillings. 

"My brother and husband have been going to Dr. Clark for some time now and we have found his service to be excellent." Satisfied Patient

Real Patient Results

Dr. Clark used beautifully crafted dental crowns to repair this patient's teeth and achieve enhanced aesthetics.
before dental crowns
after dental crowns
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