Root Canals A Risky Procedure with Safer Alternatives

Dr. Chester Clark, Jr. is a holistic dentist in Amity, AR, who uses only the safest techniques. Root canal risks, such as recurrent infection, can be hazardous to patients' long-term oral and general health. At Amity Gentle Dental, we can inform patients of these complications and also explain why we prefer alternative solutions. As a Christian practice, we take great pride in providing the community with safe, effective dental care that places our patients' best interests first. 

Diagram of root canal.
A root canal procedure can weaken the structure of a tooth. 

Video Testimonial: Hazards of a Root Canal

Why is Root Canal Treatment Recommended?

Each tooth contains soft tissue that consists of nerves and blood vessels. Bacteria can infect this tissue after trauma, when decay becomes advanced, or when the tooth is fractured.

For decades, dentists have been recommending root canal therapy, which removes infected soft tissue and protects the remaining outer tooth structure with a dental crown. Emerging research, thanks in large part to The Toxic Tooth by Dr. Robert Kulacz and Thomas E. Levy, is now changing the field's perception of this restorative procedure. This book discusses the implications of scientific evidence indicating that root canals are  ineffective and that they can increase patients' risk for serious health conditions. 

Possible Complications

In theory, the interior portion of the tooth can be completely sealed once it is disinfected. However, dentinal tubules run between the center of the tooth and its surface. These microscopic channels can harbor aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and even fungi long after a tooth has been treated.

Many dental procedures have been trusted for years but Dr. Clark puts patients' safety above industry norms.

Months and even years after root canal therapy, bacteria can continue to multiply. Reinfection can occur, which then damages the surrounding soft tissue, teeth, and bone. Patients may experience tooth loss requiring complex and costly restorative care. The toxic organisms in and around a root canal treated tooth have been shown to be similar to those found in gangrene conditions. 

Alternative Solutions

In cases of dental infection, Dr. Clark typically recommends dental extractions. He uses an especially gentle, precise method called the Ögram System. This technique minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue, particularly the underlying bone, which leads to better outcomes once the tooth is replaced. Other advanced techniques, such as the application of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) can further protect the surgical site and minimize side effects, including discomfort and bleeding.

Once the tooth has been extracted, it will need to be replaced in order to maintain proper dental function. Dental implants are recognized as the healthiest, longest-lasting restorative option. During a surgical procedure, Dr. Clark will place one or more small titanium posts in the jaw, which can support a crown, bridge, or denture. Traditional dental prosthetics, such as removable partial dentures, are also available. 

Protect Your Oral and General Health

Many dental procedures have been trusted for years, but Dr. Clark puts patients' safety above industry norms. If you have been told you need a root canal or are experiencing symptoms such as dental sensitivity and pain, contact Amity Gentle Dental today using our online form or by calling (870) 342-5265. We will do everything we can to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Dr. Chester V. Clark, Jr.

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